Bike Leasing takes bikes and makes them work bikes...

... and relaxes your bank account.

Get your Bockstein through your employer.

This is how it works: As an employee you let us build your individual bike for you as you wish. Your employer leases it for you from the leasing company that he or she is working with and leaves it to you to use it as you wish. You can ride it whenever you want: to work, during the day, in the holidays, for sports, on the Mauerweg or the Tuscus trail, wherever you want. Simply pick one of our models and send us a message via the form below. We’ll contact you afterwards and get into the details. You just need to find out which leasing company your employer is working with.

As an employee you can save up to 40% compared to buying it regularly when yo purchase the bike after the leasing period for a really good price.

We coorporate with these leasing companies: