Rigorous quality control



A word from the founder


“After almost 30 years working in the culture industry, I now devote more and more time to my childhood love, the bicycle. My hobby eventually became a sideline and then became my main occupation.

For 20 years I worked as a sound engineer, music producer, DJ and composer followed by a decade as a consultant and project manager (technical and content) in the museum sector. Here, I was also able to gain experience in hardware and software development. My technical understanding from my audio engineering studies helped me to understand processes and solve problems pragmatically. Culture, especially pop culture, design and aesthetics still play a big role in my world and I am convinced that this is reflected in the bikes and products that leave my workshop.

 In 2017, after a ‘Trailscout/Kids On Bike’ training seminar, I decided to offer a mountain bike working group at my children’s elementary school. By registering this as a business it offered me the opportunity to enter into initial contracts with wholesalers and gave me the opportunity to build custom bikes and wheels for my immediate circle of acquaintances. Word quickly spread, and the pandemic in 2020 coupled with my social media activities meant that interest grew quickly. Soon the desire was born to launch my own brand of frames onto the market, and I was able to use my contacts from the previous years to cooperate with the best suppliers in the industry.

The factories from which we source our carbon and titanium products operate at the highest quality level and are reliable partners who understand the requirements of the European market well. ISO 4210 and SGS certifications are now standard and in some cases the products leaving these factories have UCI certifications.”

Xaver von Treyer