Workshop Music Vol. 2

workshop music vol. 2

Good coffee is as essential to a bike workshop as is great music. I want to share my accurately selected gems that keep me company while I am juggling bike and wheel-set projects: from 60s to punk rock, via metal, hip hop and electronica this is in essence one side of things I like. Unique, timeless and relevant. For example: I have never been a Beatles fan by any means but Tomorrow Never Knows is one of my favourite 60s tunes, I don’t buy into the whole punk aesthetic but you will find many tunes in the playlist that one might attribute to that same aesthetic, yet I would argue you misunderstood it. Same goes for metal, forget the hair, forget the fire-devil-evil cliches, tune into the energy and have a sense of humour. The more I listen to this playlist the more I realise how good it is. It’s the kind of radio station I would love to listen to 24/7: where every genre gets a voice as long as it’s relevant.


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