AIKON by Bockstein

Individual handbuild carbon wheels.


Outstanding wheels are partially responsible for the speed and comfort of your bike. Very few components have so much impact on the riding capabilities of your bike as an excelent wheel set has.

We have built custom wheels for our customers for many years now. All our experiences and believes are now put together in our own series of wheels: AIKON by Bockstein.

Ultralight and offroad tested carbon wheels with modern profiles, equipped with first class hubs and the best spokes and nipples on the market make an incredible product for you to enjoy. The rims are “tapeless tubeless”, meaning they are solid carbon on the inside to make it possible to ride without a tube and without tape. The hubs are manufactured by Carbon Ti in Italy and are among the best in the world: light, robust, easy to service and available in various stylish colors. Spokes and nipples are provided by Sapim from Belgium whose products belong to absolut best and most reliable in the market for decades.

We offer three models for Allroad and Gravel for you to choose from:

  • G740 – 700c
  • G635 – 650b
  • G725 – 700c ultralight

Simply choose model, hub color and type. We will build your personal wheel set by hand for you afterwards.

Alternatively, you still have the possibility to go “full custom” and individualize every detail as you wish here.


AIKON G635 - Carbon Laufradsatz

  • Material: Carbon
  • Size: 700c
  • Profile: 40mm
  • hookless + tapeless tubeless
  • Carbon Ti hubs
  • 24 spokes + brass nippels
  • appr. 1275g ±5%


  • Material: Carbon
  • Size: 650b
  • Profile: 35mm
  • hookless + tapeless tubeless
  • Carbon Ti hubs
  • 24 spokes + brass nippels
  • appr. 1200g ±5%


AIKON G725 - sub 1000g carbon Laufräder tapeless tubeless

  • Material: Carbon
  • Size: 700c
  • Profile: 25mm
  • hybrid hook + tapeless tubeless
  • Carbon Ti hubs
  • BERD spokes + nippels
  • appr. 990gr ±5%


Wheels have to spin. That works best when they are really light weight and only highest quality components are used. Nontheless, our wheels should last as long as possible to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything. AIKON rims are “tapeless tubeless” and are made out of ultralight and high strength carbon – we don’t make any compromises. All wheels can be classified as ASTM classification 2, meaning they are very well suited for gravel and harsh environments. Even jumps up to 15cm are possible. We recommend not to loose traction as it also means that you loose speed.


Carbon Ti hubs come in very stylish colors and you can tell that they are high quality CNC at first glance. The matte finish with lasered logos is subtle and will fit every frame. Reduction down to the essentials plays a fundamental role at AIKON. We leave everything out that does not have a function and we believe does not add anything to the product. That is the foundation for the reduced design of all our wheels. Understatement is the motto. We believe that quality will always win and looks are always a good companion while riding. 


We always try to minimize the impact to the environment when producing our carbon wheels. All AIKON wheels are made with the FCM-technology (Free Coating Manufacturing). Within that process the wheels come out of the specifically prepared molds without any further modifications. Since they are not sanded or painted after the “baking” process we are avoiding the output of toxic dust and don’t use any paint at all. If used both could harm nature. This procedure saves raw material and energy as well as some grams on the wheels itself, makiong them even lighter. In addition putting our logos on with laser technology we also save plastic for transfer film that is not needed. The result are matt wheels aka “silk finish” with abrasion resistant but subtle logos.


As a small and local business in the north of Berlin (almost in the forest) we are very connected with our surroundings and community and support other local companies as they support us. The time consuming preparation of our wheels in order to put the spokes into the rims (tapeless tubeless) is being realized with the help of “Nordbahn gGmbH Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen”. The actual process of putting all spokes in, centering and quality control happens in our facilities afterwards. Quality always is teamwork.