Wheels are the connection between bike and the surface you’re riding on and have great impact on the driving behavior of your bike. We always try to find the best solution for your stye of riding and your bike. That’s why we either build wheels as you wish and your vision of it or we offer very high-quality wheel sets with our own AIKON by Bockstein series. These are handbuilt as well.


We strongly believe in the tubeless technology and build all our wheels as tubeless wheels – unless you want it differently. From our perspective ubeless has the advantage that you pretty much don’t have to worry about a flat tire anymore. The interplay of the right rims and tires now works perfectly and leaves nothing to be desired. On top it saves material and, of course, weight. With our AIKON rims we offer the so called tapeless tubeless technology based on a closed and sealed rim bed. In addition the rims become extraordinary stiff and durable through this.


Low weight and durabilty count to our areas of focus as well. We have many years of experience in building wheels and only use components that we either ride ourselves or have extensively tested and found to be good. Sometimes it’s better to have some extra grams on board and not make any compromised in regards of durabilty. At the end of the day the bike should roll and not constantly be in the workshop for maintainance.


Most of our rims are made from carbon. it brings superb performance with low weight and very good robustness. Of course we can build an aluminium wheelset for you if you wish. Spoking is done by hand with top spokes from Sapim, DT Swiss or BERD. In the center there always is a hub from know brands like Carbon Ti, Hope, DT Swiss, Nonplus or Industry Nine. If you have another idea, just let us know.


In the end it really depends on the choice of tires. Depending on your riding profile and the (main) area of ​​use of your bike, we will be happy to advise you. For example, it is not unusual for us to equip a gravel bike with a slightly wider slick if it is used a lot in the city but off-road as well. We have made great experiences with thes kind of setups and are always trying to make your bike as fast as possible.